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Mistress / Granny

Looking for something a little different? Why not try one of our mistresses to put you in your place, or our resident granny who might be old, but knows how to talk dirty!


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Mistress Rose

Access Code 00089

Mistress Rose

Sweet by Name - NASTY by nature. Hear the click of my heels in the hallway. Don't look at me until I let you!!Kneel before me and keep your eyes on my toes. My feet need cleaning!!!

When calling always ask “Is that you Mistress Rose” or I will not be pleased and will not talk to you.

EMAIL Mistress Rose to beg for an appointment time, don’t forget include any special requests.

Granny Pearl

Access Code 00384

Granny Pearl

Come and keep me company lovelies, be polite to Granny and ask is that you Granny Pearl when you call me - come and snuggle up - don't keep me waiting :)

Granny May

Access Code 00661

Granny May

I love feeling young, and love am always up for a naughty chat. Make sure you say "is that you Granny May" when you call or I wont talk to you!


Granny Inders

Access Code 00269


I am your naughty Granny and I want to talk dirty to you!
Come join me on my couch...NOW!

Note: you naughties MUST ask "IS THAT YOU GRANNY "


Mistress Crystal

Access Code 00145

mistress crystal